The Lotus and the Bud: Cannabis, Consciousness, and Yoga Practice: Cannabis, Consciousness, and Yoga Practice


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The Lotus & The Bud is an in-depth guide blending the practice of yoga with cannabis

In India, both yoga and cannabis are considered gifts from the Hindu god Shiva and are seen as twin currents of wisdom and enlightenment, allies for healing and consciousness expansion. Ethnobotanist and yogi Chris Kilham explains how when wisely and thoughtfully combined, cannabis and yoga offer profound benefits for body, mind, and spirit. Author Christopher Kilham examines the history and lore of both cannabis and yoga, with a special focus on the role of cannabis in Indian and Himalayan yoga traditions where it has been used for thousands of years. .An investigation of cannabis?s and yoga?s effects on the chakras and energy body, their assistance in opening energy channels, awakening kundalini energy, it explains how a yoga practice offers a way to tune the human nervous system and how, through the endocannabinoid system, cannabis harmonizes a multitude of functions, from respiration to pain control, in ways that enhance yoga. Kilham looks at the effects of both THC and CBD as well as the different methods of consuming cannabis, with advice on selecting the right method for your yoga practice.
In addition to instructions for breath work and cannabis meditation practices, Kilham offers an illustrated guide to his own system of cannabis yoga, a sequence of asanas (postures) developed to arouse the kundalini that opens up energy channels throughout the body, and unlocks access to unbounded states of consciousness. Sharing his experiences combining yoga and cannabis around the world, the author shows that the fusion of cannabis and yoga dissolves the boundaries of the mind, accelerates healing, and imparts a greater understanding of the intrinsic unity of all things.
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