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Cannabis Libris

Cannabis Libris

Books For the Cannabis Conscious


Consciousness & Spirituality

Exploration of the body, mind and sprirt.


Hone your skills learn and learn new techniques from leading growers

Cannabis Libris

Science & Medicine

Reference material for the cannabis curious

Pot Culture

Cannabis culture through the ages

Cannabis Libris


Learn more about the windy road of cannabis law & policy


Nourish your body, mind and spirit with cannabis quisine

Cannabis Libris

Cannabis Libris

Books For the Cannabis Conscious

M. Revak

Not Just The Whole Plant It’s The Entire Planet

Cannabis Libris is a full- service independent bookstore, selling books and educational materials both online and as a pop-up retailer at cannabis-related conferences and events nationwide.

Much like its’ sister company, M. Revak & Co. (Books, Authors & Events), Cannabis Libris provides: material fulfillment; logistical support; sales assistance; and offers books on consignment and in bulk, tailored to the specific needs and desires of our clientele.

Our current catalog includes cookbooks, cultivation, science & medicine, ethnobotany, business, law, social & political history, and yoga & spirituality.

Inquiries and orders are always welcome by phone or email.  Our policy is to respond by the next business day.

MJ Green, proprietor.

Cannabis Events & More!

Cannabis Titles & Growing!

Client Testimonials

“Michael is a top-notch independent bookseller. All he needs is one phone call or email to give him a contact name/number, venue and date. He handles all the arrangements and makes sure that the author book signing table is located where people can find it. He provides a professional display and adds the extra bonus of being a very good salesman – he makes people buy books! In addition to being professional, organized and efficient, he’s also a darned good person. It’s a pleasure working with him.”
Louanne Johnson

Author & Online College Instructor

“As a non-profit arts organization with an established lecture series, we often have a need to purchase quantities of books to sell when our speaker is a popular author. Michael Green is our go-to resource to obtain books. He knows the publishing business and how to get us the best pricing on books of all types. We have done all our business by phone and online; and Michael always meets our deadlines and is a pleasure to work with! ”
Melissa Carter

Marketing & Public Relations Consultant

“Michael Green provides an amazing service for authors and others who speak publicly or for conference planners.

He creates a bookstore like atmosphere that spurs booksales and helps make booksignings run smoothly. He is passionate about what he does and is a great people person.”

Mim Eichler Rivas

Bestselling author, speaker, progressive activist

Patients Out of Time

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Providing literature of cannabis to the world

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