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Cannabis Libris | Books for the Cannabis Conscious

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Cannabis Libris

Books For the Cannabis Conscious


Cannabis Libris is a full- service independent bookstore, selling books and educational materials both online and as a pop-up retailer at cannabis-related conferences and events nationwide.

Much like its’ sister company, M. Revak & Co. (Books, Authors & Events), Cannabis Libris provides: material fulfillment; logistical support; sales assistance; and offers books on consignment and in bulk, tailored to the specific needs and desires of our clientele.

Our current catalog includes cookbooks, cultivation, science & medicine, ethnobotany, social & political history, and yoga & spirituality.

Inquiries and orders are always welcome by phone or email.  Our policy is to respond by the next business day.

MJ Green, proprietor.

Books for the Cannabis Conscious…Who and what is that about?

I do not consider myself a religious person in the usual sense, but there is a religious aspect to some highs. The heightened sensitivity in all areas gives me a feeling of communion with my surroundings, both animate and inanimate.” And there is a world around us which we barely sense, or that we can become one with the universe”

Carl Sagan, Writing as "Mr. X'

(see Marijuana Reconsidered, 1971)

that has to do with the spiritual effects of marijuana, the sacred herb, as an ally for awakening.

When we use cannabis meditatively, with intention and focus, its ability to clarify and amplify can both shine a light on the illusions we carry and invite us to release into a deeper, more relaxed, open-hearted presence that feels right and real.

As with other entheogenic medicines, cannabis is a condensed and heightened mindfulness and awareness meditation

Stephen Gray

Cannabis & Spirituality

“…to furnish those for whom Marijuana is the Perennial Teacher with a decipherable experience of spiritual fulfillment as it is implemented in The Marijuana Consciousness”

Joan Bello

Yoga of Marijuana



Foreign Language 




About Us

Cannabis Libris is a sole proprietorship, wholly-owned & operated by Michael Green and Sylvie Revak.

Michael has enjoyed & fed his passion for books since grade school. He interned at his school library and spent many Saturday hours with a close friend in bookstores in Phoenix, Arizona.

Twenty three years ago his profession as a lawyer intersected with his bent for books when he facilitated a book sale and signing for Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The following year he had an occasion to again engage in a similar event for consumer advocate Ralph Nader, with whom Michael sold books for over ten years.

Michael has worked over 2,200 events with more than 3,000 authors. Clientele includes a number of speakers’ bureaus, The VA festival of the Book, Council of Great City Schools, Prevent Child Abuse America, American Academy of Achievement, Patients Out Of Time, National Cannabis Industry Association, The Cannabis Nurses Association, Utah Cann, Ohio Cann, the Florida Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo, The Emerald Cup and others too numerous to mention.

A partial list of  recent cannabis authors appears on the Authors page.

In addition to a career in law, Michael has worked  in shipping & receiving  and as a delivery driver for in a fine housewares store,  a retail clerk at Sears, as a  manual laborer (read ditch digger), bulk mail handler for the U.S. Post Office,  licensed landscape contractor, Executive Director of a Community Foundation and spent much of his youth manually hanging out in pool halls . After serving in the United States navy during the Viet Nam War, he attended the University of Arizona graduating Suma Cum Laude and Phi Betta Kappa. Michael has also volunteered as a board number for a number of non-profits and is an Eagle Scout.

 It was the law that truly brought Michael (a criminal defense attorney) to cannabis, where the cruel realities of prohibition, coupled with its appalling and oft racially biased enforcement, has continued to disenfranchise individuals, irreparably ruin lives, destroy families & negatively impact communities—and this all at unbearable human  and financial costs. He has labeled prohibition as cultural suicide and social psychosis.

Sylvie Revak Sebastian has smoked marijuana for a number of years. She studied  gender, sexuality, and race at VCU and the University of Arizona. Sylvie still advocates for equitable political policy and philosophical reform.  Now based in Charlottesville, VA she is working towards a self-sustainable household with her young son and partner. She now much prefers ingesting THC.

Sylvie is currently reading “Shantytown, USA” by Lisa Goff .

What Customers Are Saying

Michael is a top-notch independent bookseller. All he needs is one phone call or email to give him a contact name/number, venue and date. He handles all the arrangements and makes sure that the author book signing table is located where people can find it. He provides a professional display and adds the extra bonus of being a very good salesman – he makes people buy books! In addition to being professional, organized and efficient, he’s also a darned good person. It’s a pleasure working with him.

Louanne Johnson

Author & Online College Instructor

As a non-profit arts organization with an established lecture series, we often have a need to purchase quantities of books to sell when our speaker is a popular author. Michael Green is our go-to resource to obtain books. He knows the publishing business and how to get us the best pricing on books of all types. We have done all our business by phone and online; and Michael always meets our deadlines and is a pleasure to work with! 

Melissa Carter

Marketing & Public Relations Consultant

Michael Green provides an amazing service for authors and others who speak publicly or for conference planners.

He creates a bookstore like atmosphere that spurs booksales and helps make booksignings run smoothly. He is passionate about what he does and is a great people person.

Mim Eichler Rivas

Bestselling author, speaker, progressive activist

Michael edited a book for me and outside of being an expert in grammar and structure, which he is, his highest value to me was his editorial integrity and honesty. He would not only challenge my thinking, or clarity, he would give very thoughtful suggestions for improvement. His work was highly professional and he was always punctual. Great personality and easy to engage with him. Would definitely use his services again! 

Ricardo Gonzalez

Author, Speaker, Culturologist, CEO of Bilingual America

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