Teaming with Nutrients: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to Optimizing Plant Nutrition


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Lowenfels offers everyone else a crash course in discovering soil structure, fertility, and microbial actions powerful enough to turn a dry wash into a productive source of clean, slow, organically grown food, without a single bag of potting soil.? ?The Desert Sun

Just as he demystified the soil food web in his ground-breaking book Teaming with Microbes, in this new work Jeff Lowenfels explains the basics of plant nutrition from an organic gardener's perspective. Where Teaming with Microbes used adeptly used microbiology; Teaming with Nutrients employs cellular biology.

Most gardeners realize that plants need to be fed but know little or nothing about the nature of the nutrients involved or how they get into plants. Teaming with Nutrients explains how nutrients move into plants and what both macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients do once inside. It shows organic gardeners how to provide these essentials. To fully understand how plants eat, Lowenfels uses his ability to make science accessible with lessons in the biology, chemistry, and botany all gardeners need to understand how nutrients get to the plant and what they do once they're inside the plant.

Teaming with Nutrients will open your eyes to the importance of understanding the role of nutrients in healthy, productive organic gardens and it will show you how these nutrients do their jobs. In short, it will make you a better informed, more successful and more environmentally responsible gardener.

JerffLowenfils is an avid and knowledgeable gardener, has been the author of weekly gardening column for his local newspaper. The Anchorage Daily News, and is the author of Teaming with Microbes, Teaming with Nutrients and Teaming with Fungi. These titles along with his most recent endeavor, DIY: Autoflowering Cannabis are available as signed copies (either on a cannabis libris bookplate or flat signed. No guarantee as to wish as inventory and occasion for signing vary.)

?This second Teaming book is a trip that delves into the cellular biology of plants in the same way Teaming With Microbes was a book that starred microbiology. This is, at least to me, a fascinating voyage that requires some chemistry and botany, too, but stars cellular biology., The learning is fun and fascinating and I make it easy. In the end you will know how plants eat and, of course, what to feed them. It is not all biology and botany. Teaming contains the practical advice you need feed your plants properly and organically.

Teaming with Nutrients should change the way you farm and garden, for sure, but hopefully you will never look at plants the same way again. You will appreciate the 18 trillion cells in an apple tree and know how they work. And it all happens with just 17 nutrients!? Jeff Lowenfels

Hardcover: 250 pages
Publisher: Timber Press; 5.5.2013 edition (May 7, 2013)
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ISBN-13: 978-1604693140
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