Medical Marijuana


Dr Kogan’s Evidence Based Guide o the Health Benefits of Cannabis and CBDa


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Mikhail “Misha” Kogan, M.D., a renowned expert on medical marijuana, has found that cannabinoids (THC, CBD, hemp, and other cannabis products) can often be more beneficial, have fewer side effects, and be safer than many conventional medications, including opioids and other painkillers. But different ailments require different strains, doses, and routes of delivery. Medical Marijuana demystifies marijuana and other forms of cannabis in a user-friendly guide that will help readers:

  navigate the complex medical and legal world of marijuana;
  understand the risks and benefits of THC, CBD, and other cannabis products;
  evaluate the pros and cons of inhaled and other routes of delivery: edibles, topicals, and even suppositories;
  find a doctor who can recommend medical cannabis;
  choose a reliable dispensary;
  learn how to evaluate labels on cannabis products;
  discover cost-saving strategies, since medical marijuana isn’t covered by health insurance; and
  understand how marijuana morphed from the days of Reefer Madness to being hailed as a wonder weed.

With real-life patients’ stories woven throughout the book, simple explanatory graphics, and the most up-to-date information, this is the definitive guide to the wide-ranging benefits of medical marijuana and other forms of cannabis.

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