Hope and Healing


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Recommended by Scheril Powers Murray, Esq., Patients Out Of Time board member

In Hope & Healing, Dr. Joseph Rosado lays out the plant's surprising history and controversy, the challenges physicians face when recommending it, and the benefits his thousands of patients have enjoyed from its proper use. With case studies and personal experiences, Hope & Healing has as much science as personal charm. If you've wondered if cannabis might offer hope for you or a loved one this book is for you. In it you'll discover:
- The original source of attacks on cannabis,
- What is cannabis?
- Why it works so well with the human body,
- What discoveries are being made today?
- How to safely use cannabis,
- What is the probable future of cannabis both for medicine and recreation?
With a foreword by legendary Professor Lumír Ondřej Hanus and quotes by a surprising array of leaders who support its use, Hope & Healing is the book that could change your path to health and happiness, especially if you've ever wondered if there was a better approach than surgery or powerful and expensive prescription drugs laden with side effects.
Read the book that is changing minds in surprising places. Buy, read, and share Hope & Healing today!


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